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Powerful 3,4 or 5-Stage Turbine

Noise Reduction Covers™

Heat Dispersion Chamber™

LX-20™ HVLP Compressor Gun

Includes 2 Extra Aircap Sets!

The LX-20 HVLP Compressor

Spray Gun from FujiSpray. Perfect for Rapid Application combined with High

Transfer Efficiency.


      All 4 & 5 Stage Models on SALE!!!

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HVLP Compressor Spray Gun

HvlpTEK™... for Expert Advice on Spraying.

If you are purchasing your first HVLP Turbine System you will likely have a lot of questions. We have over 35 years combined experience in HVLP spray equipment. We can offer you FREE practical advice to ensure you buy the best system for your purpose. Please e-mail us at sales@hvlptek.com with any questions.  We will always answer your e-mails promptly.

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