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Spray Gun Tools

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7080 Wrench for T & M Spray Gun

Wrench for T-Series and M-Series Spray Gun. This is the standard wrench supplied with all the newer Fuji Spray guns.

List: $9.40   Our Price $6.99

9045 Cleaning Brush

A bristle Cleaning Brush is included with every Fuji System. Keep an extra brush on hand.

List: $3.75  Our Price $2.65

3050 Ford #4 Viscosity Cup

Viscosity Cup made to Ford #4 Standard (but not certified). An economical way to own a Ford #4 Cup. Same cup as included with your Fuji Spray system.


A handy way to visually see the viscosity of a paint. Simply fill the cup and time the paint passing through the hole until empty. Once you achieve best viscosity and paint is flowing nicely, make a note of how many seconds and keep this for next time. 

List: $6.85  Our Price $4.99

3074 Wet Film Gauge

The 3074 Wet Film Gauge is used for measuring wet film thickness of paints, enamels, lacquers, adhesives and many other wet coatings that are sprayed, dipped or brushed on a smooth surface. Often the film thickness is designated on the coatings label. This film is usually difficult to measure but simple with this handy gauge.

  • Measures wet film thickness in microns and mils

  • Aluminum

  • Notched card style measures 2.25x3.23x.034

  • Meets ASTM D 4414

List: $10.15  Our Price $7.70

5330 Gravity Gun Holder

The 5330 Gravity Gun Holder allows the user to fill the gravity

feed Spray Gun without assistance. Rest your Fuji Gravity Spray Gun

while you are refilling the cup or in-between coats. A nice addition to your shop.


Will also fit other standard size center mounted gravity Spray Guns.


Please note* Spray Gun shown in illustration is not included.

List: $17.30   Our Price $14.30

7095 Handy Gun Holder

The same 7095  Handy Gun Holder that is used on our Turbines gun can also be used as a bench mount gun holder.  You should be able to use this with any HVLP Turbine gun.  Just screw to any bench or shelf and easily rest your spray gun when not in use or when filling your cup

List: $14.20    Our Price $11.30

2032 Air Control Valve

Air Control Valve connects between hose and brass quick connect. Limits cfm/pressure to the gun reducing bounce back and over-spray. This is the same air control valve as supplied with Fuji Spray guns.

List: $4.90  Our Price $3.90

2046 Hose Quick Connect


Brass Quick Connect threads onto male end of hose allowing quick insertion and release of gun.


This connector can be combined with 2046M Male Connector to add a quick connect to the turbine.

List: $6.85  Our Price $5.25

2046M Male Quick Connect

Looking for a quick connect at your turbine.  The 2046M - Male Connector will attach to the turbine manifold.  This must be used together with part # 2046 female connector to make this a quick connect combination.

List: $8.40  Our Price $5.80

2049F Flexible Whip Hose

Lightweight 6ft. Hose is highly flexible. Couplings are made from a Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer. Takes weight off the wrist and the flexibility allows for effortless maneuverability of the spray gun. An added feature is that the air through the spray gun is not as hot (due to the fact the spray gun is now 6ft further from the Turbine). This often alleviates problems with fast drying lacquers (and Latex House Paint) drying too quickly.


This Whip Hose features a smooth internal bore. Please note* this hose cannot be connected to the Turbine – it is an extension hose and must only be connected to the end of the standard 25ft Hose. 


List: $42.75    Our Price $36.25

7049 25ft Hose 

The Fuji Hi-Flex™ Hose is new and improved with a kink free spring to prevent bending.  This 25 ft hose is standard with all Fuji Spray systems. The solid plastic hoses typical with most HVLP turbine systems are hard and stiff making the spray gun difficult to maneuver. The Hi-Flex™ Hose is not only flexible at different temperatures, it will stay flexible over the years (unlike the plastic hoses that become stiffer with age due to the emission of plasticizers).  This hose also includes quick-connect and air control valve.

List: $77.40  Our Price $65.40

7055 Heat Hose 3ft

  • 3 Foot Heat Hose is heavy duty and reduces the heat of atomizing air

  • Installed between the Turbine air outlet and the standard hose

  • Used to prolong hose life and dissipate heat

  • Fits all standard HVLP Turbines

List: $37.50  Our Price $29.95